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The Positive Photography Community
Jerred Zegelis

Welcome to The Positive Photography Community

Love your camera. Make great images. Do more with your Photos. All with a positive vibe!

What is The Positive Photography Community?

The Positive Photography Community is a group of photographers getting together to do good things. No drama, just kindness, joy and an effort to grow.. 

  • Stories rule here, not algorithms.
  • We share and learn together.
  • Courses that are different. Personalized feedback from the community makes these more powerful than a YouTube video alone. 
  • Free presets, actions and more. 
  • Your host, Jerred Z is dedicated to making this community grow.

Have you ever wanted a more thoughtful, positive place to call home online?

We are a group of photographers committed to optimism and positivity.  We are devoted to being truthful while always being kind. 

My name is Jerred Zegelis and I've been a photographer and educator for more than 18 years. My entire focus has been creating positive communities in the classroom.  

Here is the truth: community is the way to learn and grow.  When you have a group of people who are devoted to this goal, there's nothing that can stop each and every member from achieving more, together.  

I'm going to use everything I've learned these past few decades to build a group here similar to the ones that have helped thousands of students learn photography and much more.

I've shots hundreds of weddings and portrait sessions, put on multiple art shows, sold thousands in art prints, and even converted my photographs into custom vector art for corporate clients. 

Do you want to cut through the NOISE that's out there and focus on what REALLY matters in photography?  

I get it.  Every YouTuber has the answer.  There are literally millions of pages of content on the internet that all claim to help you learn photography. 

A lot of it is good information.  Most of it is just noise designed to feed an algorithm. 

So how do you cut out the noise? 

You ask others who care. Together we will focus on what works wherever you are as a photographer.  COMMUNITY MATTERS!

(Learn how to photograph incredible landscape photos like these in our courses, where I take you behind the scenes to show you how I process these types of pictures. This is just one benefit of the community.)

Are you constantly doubting yourself?  Do you sometimes hesitate to reach out because of judgment you find on the internet?

In this group we will focus on a simple truth: EVERYONE IS A PHOTOGRAPHER.  Others don't agree with that statement, and that's fine.  There are plenty of places for them.  Here, however, if you are someone who loves taking photographs, with a professional mirrorless or a cell phone or a pinhole camera, we treat you the same.  We're all in this thing together.

If you want to take amazing photos of people (wedding and portrait photographers, raise your hand!), I can help you too. (You'll learn how to take cool photos like these!)

This group is different. 

As a teacher, my most important job is opening doors for my students and helping them find the confidence to walk through the doorway, all while creating an environment that facilitates personal growth and motivation.

That's what we are doing, together.

A Unique Journey Starts Here

We will focus on: 

Discussions that matter. Authentic conversations are what matter.  Unlike many social platforms that are focused on likes and follows, we're all equal here, talking about photography and learning. 

Great communities value privacy.  This space is no different.  What you share here, what you say here, stays here.  Anyone can share freely without fear of judgement or others finding out.  

The algorithm DOES NOT RULE! You get to create your own feed, and what you see is NOT controlled by the algorithm designed exclusively to be addictive enough to keep you coming back (to view more ads).  This group is OURS, and we control it!

What else will you get? 

We have a future roadmap that includes:

- Multiple classrooms covering different areas of photography, including portraits, weddings, action shots, and more.

- A download section where you can print out professional templates, designs, branding and more. 

- Video Chats with the community where we can get together and ask questions/brainstorm ideas with the community. 

- Critique Sessions to improve our skills together. Don't worry though - these are focused on positivity and improving together!

You will...

  • Be more confident with a camera in almost any situation so you can take better photos every time you need to
  • Be able to create timeless, stunning heirloom photographs that will be treasured beyond a lifetime
  • Be the envy of all your friends and family as your photography skills begin to soar
  • Finally, develop a plan forward no matter where you are in your photography career.

(This is my son. He was 10 in this photo - if he can learn to take better photos, EVERYONE can learn to take better photos! 
YOU CAN DO THIS. I can help.)

This group's future is going to be defined by YOU. 

If you believe there is a need for a positive, uplifting, focused space for photographers, then I'm asking for your help in growing this space.  I'll be soliciting feedback and ways to make the group so valuable people will be raving about it to others.  YOU can help make this happen by joining now and helping shape the future of the group.  

Reviews and Kind Words...

There aren’t enough words to write to describe his genuine nature and wholehearted interest in being a part of your personal success. They say it isn’t work if you love what you do, and there’s no better way to describe what Z does when he is teaching; it’s not work but a gift and a passion. - Catie W

Jerred has been an amazing teacher and inspiration for me!  He has helped me so much with learning tips and tricks for better ways to edit at a quicker pace. Extremely savvy with Photoshop as well as Lightroom. He is always up for helping whenever I have a question or am stumped on an edit. I have not yet had anything come up that he couldn’t help me with. He is an all-around great teacher and photographer with LOTS of knowledge!    - Megan Bourrette

I first met Jerred when I took one of his workshops in Omaha.  I wanted to start portrait photography and open a studio so I attended a workshop that he taught on portrait photography.  A couple of months later, through email, I asked him if he could mentor me with Photoshop because I was struggling with the post-processing of my images.  After only two-2 hour sessions, I understood Lightroom and Photoshop SOOOO much better, and my post-processing time was cut to a fraction of the time that I used to spend.  He taught me a ton of tips and tricks to help and short-cuts that I didn't even know existed.  He was a very pleasant teacher, and luckily for me, extremely patient.  Even when I had a couple of questions after the sessions, he was so nice to email me responses and even make short videos to show me answers to my questions.  I can't speak highly enough of him and I would recommend his teaching skills to anyone! - Diane McFee, 102nd Street Photography, Lincoln, NE

Over the past two years, Jerred has played a key role in me successfully transitioning my photography from hobby to business. Jerred is welcoming, open, honest, kind, caring, transparent, and candid - really, the list goes on and on. If you have a goal, are looking for pointed constructive criticism, and are willing to do work for yourself, Jerred can provide you with that extra bit of support when you need it the most. He won't fix things for you, but he will provide you with tools, as well knowledge founded in his wealth of experience. - Sara Atkins

Jerred, I just wanted to let you know how much the course has taught me. I learned more from it than any other photography course I have ever taken. Thank you SO SO much.  - Laurie B


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